Seven Sisters

                              7s letters

Seven Sisters is a project by Tiff Lacey and Robert de Fresnes.

Their first track is "Healing"


End of the day, at my darkest hour

I come to pray, I hear myself calling to you

Heaven and Earth, nothing between us

Hope Hell and the dirt, s’left far behind us

Oh yeah

I give myself to you

So much feeling

Never felt this way it’s true

It’s healing

 It’s hard to say, when I first knew you heard me

And without delay, you helped me find the truth

So much to learn, so much that I can do

I don’t want to burn, please keep me with you

Oh yeah

I give myself to you...It’s healing

TL© 8/11/09

At the moment, there is just one further song currently in production so check back for news.